Puzzles Various Artists
  • Release Date 05 Sep 2016
  • Catalogue PLANT74-45
01 Negru - Tavernos [PLANT 74]_m
02 Defaultman & Sapurra - Decision [PLANT 74]_m
03 Plank 74 - Make U [PLANT 74]_m
04 iMecca - Worn [PLANT 74]_m
05 Street Choice - Bad Thing [PLANT 74]_m
06 Mr. Pepper feat. Bombina - Chew 2 Death [PLANT 74]_m
  • D'Julz Bass Culture , Ovum
    "make u" is the one for me . thanx
  • Raresh [a:rpia:r]
  • Marco Carola minus
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • ant.audiofly
    lovin the Negru trk. :)
  • Sascha Dive Deep Vibes Recordings / Cocoon
    bad thing is the track for me thx
  • Gel Abril Be As One
    Negru will do the business for me!
  • trax Viva
    Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks.
  • UGLH Get Physical, Witty Tunes
    Really nice tracks thx
  • Hector Moralez Wavetech Music
    Great! thanks
  • Negru Dilated Records
  • andy baxter
    Wicked vibes always
  • Benoit C tsugi.fr
    cool ep
  • nicfanciulli Saved
    Downloaded for Nic Fanciulli. Thanks
  • djsamdivine defected
    cool VA, good vibes
  • Mihai Popoviciu CYCLIC
    nice tracks, will try the first 2!
  • Paco Osuna Mindshake / Plus 8 Records
    Will try thanks ;)
  • gregfentonuk
    Excellent work - reviewing this.
  • Doc Martin
    Rough,and ready for play!!!!
  • Javier Carballo Overall Music / Vatos Locos
    all super!! thank u
  • Toni Moreno - Pure Ibiza Radio Pure Ibiza Radio / Isgud
    Thanks for the good music!!! full support from Ibiza Global Radio
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